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Schipperke Rescue and Animal Education

If you are interested in providing a home for one of these wonderful animals, please contact us for more information. We also welcome anyone interesting in providing a foster home.


Toby is a male purebred Schipperke about three years old. He wandered into someone's yard and wouldn't leave. He's a very sweet, very cuddly boy, average size (about 15 lbs). Gets along well with other dogs, but I think he'd sort of like to chase the kitties (after all that's what they're for, isn't it?) He's just sort of a very mellow, sweet little boy.





Lacy - about a one year old Schipperke with a full beautiful tail (not docked). She was in the Orange County Shelter in the isolation unit
because no one could touch her without her flashing her pearlies at them. After I partially evaluated her in her run (got lots of flashing
pearlies for my troubles) I had the attendant take her out (you should have SEEN him trying to loop the leash over her head, he kept saying BOY is SHE smart!) She pranced out of the run on the end of the leash like she owned the place, and I sat down with her on the leash, in a room, alone. I gradually got her to allow me to scratch her all over, but when I went too far and she thought I was going to grab her, she flashed them pearlies, and "bit" my hand gently, as if to say, "okay lady,
you've gone FAR enough, don't push your luck!"

It took me a few days, but she is now my BEST buddy, flings herself at me, is a very sweet, cuddly, loving little Schipperke girl. She was
probably grabbed too quickly by someone and has a strong self preservation instinct, so she was only taking care of herself in the shelter. Once she trusts you, you can do ANYTHING to her, she's not a mean or a bad dog, just taking care of herself. If I could keep her I would, because she makes me laugh at all the games she invents to play by herself when no one else will play (like playing tetherball with a
big full sized tetherball that's as big as she is, etc.).


Shawnee is the Papillon/Pom mix who I rescued from the South Central L.A. shelter. She's probably about 3 years old. A volunteer was there when her owner brought her in to turn her in to the shelter (a man). She has been blind from birth from a birth defect. She is VERY healthy, VERY happy, and she is NOT handicapped, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! She's
full of herself, gets along great with all other animals, house trained, an absolute doll baby, whose tail never stops wagging (along with her entire butt). She would fit in well with a very active person (like herself), or an older person too. She loves to go for walks and has NO FEAR of anything. She's extremely adaptable, and I was hoping she could
be a therapy dog (hospital visits) etc., as she is such a great example of a true survivor.




Star has an interesting story. Two small boys found her wandering around Long Beach and brought her to the Long Beach Police Department where she was picked up by Animal Control and held for 6 days in order to allow her owner to claim her. When that did not happen she was wrongly evaluated not fit for adoption. That would have been the sad ending to her story if not for the efforts of a concerned citizen who happened to witness these events and made an effort to save her. Undaunted by the Animal Control's evaluation, she insisted on adopting her and getting her safely out of there and into a loving home. Unable to adopt herself, she brought her to me for re-evaluation and giving me the opportunity to work with her. She is a very determined animal with a loving nature and highly intelligent. She will make a wonderful companion to someone with a strong will that will not break her wonderful spirit.